Possible Swimming Pool Maintenance Mistakes You Could be Making

Posted on: 4 August 2020

Spending time in the swimming pool gives you a relaxing feeling that is not common in many other places. At the same time, not every pool owner can boast of knowing how to keep the pool in the best state possible. It is possible to do the wrong things while maintaining it. You must ensure that you keep the liquid in the splash area clean but safe to use at all times. Here are possible mistakes to avoid.

Shocking Your Pool in the Wrong way

While it is critical to add chlorine in the water, it is essential to do it correctly. That will help you to avoid costly mistakes. Chlorine tends to bleach almost anything. When added into the water, the granules can sink to the bottom and weaken your pool's base. Dissolving the chlorine in a container of water will distribute the granules in an even way. That will keep the base safe from the reaction of chlorine, which may otherwise weaken it. Also, ensure you begin by adding water to the bucket first before the chemicals.

Forgetting to Brush the Pool Walls and Tiles

It is easy to keep removing debris or even vacuum the floor of the pool. Yet, most people do not know the importance or remember to brush down the pond. Brushing makes sure that no algae or calcium is left all over the pool. Every time you vacuum the pool, it is crucial to ensure that you scrub well. Take time to clean everywhere and ensure you reach all the places.

Not Cleaning Your Pool Filters

The work of the filters is to remove any contaminants in the water and keep them at bay. Forgetting to clean the filters may lead to clogging or growth of algae. Regular examination of the pressure gauge on your filter tank is essential. Make it a routine to have regular checks to ensure the filters are working well. Dealing with clogged filters may cost you more time and money.

Failing to Clean the Pool After Use by Your Pets

Pets leave hair in the water whenever they use the pool. When that hair circulates in the plumbing, it can clog the filters or change your water's pH. The best thing to do is to clean the pool whenever pets use it. Also, testing the alkaline level every week is essential. All you need is a liquid test kit to perform the test.


If you want to enjoy the pool, you need to keep it in the most excellent state. Learning the possible mistakes you can make as a pool owner is beneficial. It helps keep your pool not only clean but also safer and functional all the time. Contact a swimming pool maintenance contractor to learn more.


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