3 Reasons to Book a Regular Professional Pool Clean

Posted on: 12 November 2019

Your pool won't take care of itself — you need to keep it clean and in good condition. While some people are happy to do this for themselves, others prefer to bring in experts and schedule regular pool cleaning appointments.

This is certainly the easiest way to maintain a pool. You don't have to find time to do it yourself. However, there are other benefits to professional cleaning. What are they?

1. Keep Your Pool Hygienic

Even if you keep your pool clear of leaves and debris, you don't necessarily keep it as hygienic as it needs to be. Clear water is not always as clean as you think. For example, your pool's equipment and machinery contributes to the quality of its water. You may clean surface parts; however, you don't know what is lurking inside filters, pump covers and even on your walls.

If less obvious parts of your pool contain dirt and bacteria, then they make your pool less hygienic. You probably won't see these things, but they degrade your water quality. If you have a regular professional clean, then this is less of an issue. Pool cleaners don't just clean your water; they also take care of your equipment.

2. Get the Right Water Balance

You may have a basic idea of the chemical balance you need in your water. However, you probably aren't an expert in this field. If you don't get this balance right all of the time, then your pool water isn't necessarily healthy.

An imbalance in chemical contents can increase bacterial growth around the pool; it can also damage equipment over time. You and your family may have allergic reactions to some chemicals if they aren't used in the right spread. Professional pool cleaners check the water during the service. They adjust levels to get them right.

3. Make Your Equipment Last Longer

Your pool was a big financial investment. While you know that you'll have ongoing running and maintenance costs, you want to keep these to a minimum. For example, you want equipment, such as pumps and filters, to last for as long as possible. A regular clean keeps equipment in good nick. If your cleaning company manages the chemicals in your water, then your equipment won't get damaged by any imbalance. Regular cleans keep parts in good shape.

Plus, experienced pool cleaners can spot equipment problems early, probably before you can. This increases the chances that you can repair something rather than replace it down the line when it is beyond a fix.

To book an initial session and discuss setting up a regular cleaning schedule, talk to local pool companies.


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