Make a Splash with a Custom-Shaped Swimming Pool

Posted on: 30 August 2016

If you're investing in a swimming pool, then you might be considering a traditional rectangle or oval shape. Stop right there. A swimming pool is a great way to inject some real fun and personality into your property. With a custom-shaped pool, the only limit is your imagination. Choose a shape that complements the location of the pool, reflects your hobbies and interests, or makes a bold statement. You could choose a heart, a star, or even the first letter of your name. Read on to get inspired - soon you'll wonder why you ever considered a boring old lap pool.

Hobby themed pool

Start by writing a list of your hobbies, and then write down the items you use for them. Try doodling a few designs to see which items work well as silhouettes. For example, if you're a keen angler, you might not choose a pool shaped like a fishing rod, but a quirky fish shape could be perfect. It's important to balance design with functionality, and you still want plenty of space to swim around. Musical instruments are a popular option, and a piano or guitar shaped pool will add a real rock 'n' roll feel to your backyard. Perfect for jamming next to on sunny days.

Statement pool

Make a statement with a simple but bold design choice. Choosing a shape that means something to you will make you happy and serves as a great conversation starter if you have guests over. Are you passionate about the environment? Consider a globe or leaf-shaped pool. Obsessed with a favorite sports team? Choose their logo as your design. You might like to use the local surroundings as inspiration for your pool shape - you could emulate the form of local plants, trees, or aspects of the landscape. Start sketching out ideas, and you might be surprised at what comes to you. It's not about the specific shape you choose, it's the meaning that's important.

Architectural pool

Designing a pool to blend with the architecture of your home can create some amazing effects. A pool with infinity edges looks really striking and is perfect alongside modern architecture and sharp-edged buildings. Pools with built in fountains are eye-catching and help maintain a natural feel, especially when rocks and plants are integrated. Hanging pools are an expensive option with real wow-factor, and are great for properties with a view. Ask your pool contractor to take a look around your property and come back to you with suggestions. You might be surprised at all the creative ways a pool can be seamlessly integrated into your home.


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