Five Tips for Addressing Pool Water Stains on Aluminium Fences Without a Lot of Cleaning

Posted on: 18 August 2016

Aluminium fencing can satisfy your legal requirements for a pool fence, while also providing a stylish and durable accent to your pool area. Unfortunately, however, you may end up scrubbing salty or chlorinated water spots off your fence occasionally. Luckily, if you dislike cleaning, there are things you can do to minimise the appearance of pool water stains on your fence. Take a look at these tips:

1. Order aluminium fencing with etchings in it.

A fence consisting of plain aluminium panels will show off water stains more clearly than a fence with decorations on it. To that end, consider creating natural camouflage with your aluminium fencing and have it etched. You can choose scroll designs, floral patterns, stripes or even poems. Ideally, to hide splashes, circular, relatively busy patterns may be the most effective.

2. Opt for a mottled acid-dyed design.

If you don't want an etched design, consider adding a bit of colour to your pool fence. Aluminium can be dyed -- typically the process involves acids. As indicated above, circular patterns are the best for hiding splashes, so consider a mottled design or a "tie-dyed print". Rich blues, rusty reds, yellows, sea greens and other colours look fabulous on aluminium, and a fence with a colourful design reminiscent of the sun glinting off a puddle of oil has the power to be a conversation piece in your yard.

3. Choose a rust-resistant coating.

In addition to hiding water stains with designs, consider fighting them with the right coating. Talk with your fence manufacturer about using aluminium that has a rust-resistant coating. That helps to protect your fence when splashes occur and helps the fence to avoid long term damage.

4. Move the fence further away from the pool.

The position you choose for your fence can also impact how much splashes of water it attracts. To help keep it clean, imagine something doing a bellyflop or cannon ball into your pool -- where is the water likely to hit? Outline the splash zone, and place your fence outside of it.

5. Install a freshwater hosepipe near the fence.

Finally, even if you dislike cleaning, it's always easier to face cleaning if it's quick and easy. To make it simple to clean splashes off your fence, install a freshwater hosepipe next to your fence. Whether you are fighting chlorine stains or salt water splashes, hosing them off can help.  



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