The Benefits of Saltwater Swimming Pools

Posted on: 25 March 2016

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a great way to spend more time with your family, cool off in the summertime, and get some good exercise. However, it doesn't have to be a chlorinated pool. You can also choose to have a saltwater system installed. Here are some benefits of choosing a saltwater swimming pool.

You Don't Rely On Chlorine

Many people don't like to have a pool that is in constant need of chlorine, so they look for an alternative. A lack of chlorine is  what you are going to get when you have a saltwater swimming pool. These types of pools have salt in the water that acts as a type of chlorine. It helps to keep the pool water clean and properly balanced for the health and comfort of anyone that is going swimming. It is in such a small amount, that you won't notice it. It will not burn your eyes or smell salty like when you go into the ocean. And the pool no longer has the strong smell of chemicals like a standard chlorinated pool often does. The pool still has a small amount of chlorine, but not nearly as much as one that doesn't rely on the saltwater system.

The Pool is Disinfected

Another benefit to having a swimming pool that uses a saltwater system is that it has a natural disinfect at all times. There is a small amount of chlorine that is still in the pool in order to kill germs and contaminants, but the added saltwater system disinfects and cleans the water even more. There are often titanium plates where salt passes through, which can help break down any contaminants that were found in the swimming pool. The salt is dissolved as soon as it enters the pool water, so it isn't visible or noticeable, but the salt consistently cleans the pool.

Your Eyes and Skin Will Thank You

Saltwater pools have such a small amount of chlorine in the water that you no longer experience rashes or discomfort as a result of the harsh chemicals. Some people don't even swim in regular pools because they have sensitive skin that doesn't react well to high amounts of chlorine. You will notice that when you have a saltwater system in your swimming pool, your skin suddenly doesn't have irritations, and your eyes don't burn as much if you are underwater with your eyes open.

For more information on saltwater swimming pools and general swimming pool maintenance, contact a professional.



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